Students our desire for you is that your life would be changed by the gospel. We do not want to enter into a “Holy Huddle” mentality, where all we do is come together as a group of good church kids. If students lives our truly being changed it will be evident in their lifestyle. (Matthew 7:16-20) We hope that your passion for Jesus empowers you to serve your church, engage with other people, and develop a deeper relationship with Christ.

As your student ministers, it is our responsibility and pleasure to lead and disciple you. However, we are not the only ministers here at North Monroe. Those who are believers in Jesus Christ are all called as ministers.

We are honored to serve this church and to lead you as students desiring to be more like Christ. If you would like more information on our ministry and other events, please feel free to contact us. We love you guys and we pray the gospel changes your life!