Chase Nance

Children's ministry assistant

Born just an hour and a half from our church, Chase has made Monroe his home after moving to the area for college. He enjoys fishing, golfing, and long walks on the beach with his beautiful dog "CJ" (Which stands for Chase Junior). After four short years at ULM, Chase received a BBA in Marketing and is now on the church staff. As the Children's Ministry Assistant, Chase's duties include whatever Kenneth tells him to do. 

Chase has a copious amount of experience in child leadership roles ranging from daycares to Northwest Louisiana Special Olympics. Throughout his life, Chase has always had a passion to work with children of all ages, and his famous line "But did you die?" can be heard echoing through the halls of North Monroe. 

Chase also has a beautiful wife, Hannah, who somehow manages to put up with him. Commonly, when she is seen, many people will extend a sincere apology and a round of applause to her in order to keep up her spirits. Chase and his wife Hannah live here in Monroe where they met and where they were wed in holy matrimony on July 18, 2020; the year the world fell apart.


Favorite Restaurants:

1. Granny's Buffet

2. Cracker Barrel

3. Popeyes Chicken

Favorite satisfying Things:

1. The crunch from stepping on dry leaves

2.  Putting on clothes fresh out of the dryer

3.  In Toy Story 2 when Woody gets cleaned up

Favorite people (Aside from Jesus):

1. The guy from the allstate commercials

2.  Flo from progressive

3.  Jake from State Farm