Nicole Gregory

human resources director

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Nicole has spent her career in Human Resources and is currently the Human Resources Director at North Monroe. She handles the day-to-day HR stuff and loves strategic planning and employee development. Nicole has been married to Jonathan since 1999. She has boy/girl twins, Beau & Lydia, who have been at North Monroe since they were born in 2006. Nicole grew up in Fort Walton Beach, FL, then went off to receive her Bachelor’s from the University of Florida in Gainesville.  She came to Northeast Louisiana and North Monroe in 2002 by way of her husband’s career.  (She left Florida kicking and screaming but now would not leave her community for anything.)  


1 - Count of Monte Cristo

2 - Raising Arizona

3 - Harry Potter


1 - Chick-Fil-A

2 - End Zone

3 - Firehouse Subs


1 - Florida Gators

2 - Florida Gators

3 - Florida Gators