Acts & the Early Church

Led by Cody Albritton

Room A-104 at 6pm

How to Meet the Enemy: Arming Yourself for Spiritual Warfare

Many Christians believe we should ignore Satan and his army of demons.  Others say we should be learning how to fight them and seek to engage them in battle.  What does the Bible say?  We will explore the origin of spiritual warfare, its present reality, and what our response should be.

Led by Marc Eichelberger

Room A-107 at 6pm

The Gathering

Led by Warren Eckhardt

Chapel at 6pm

Single Life

Led by Jay George

Room WC-201 at 6pm

AMP'd 56 (5th & 6th Grade)

Led by Garrett Henson

Room A-124 at 6pm


For babies - 4th grade


Student Hour

Worship and Hang Time for 7th-12th graders


College Summer Bible Study

8pm at the ULM BCM