We're getting ready to begin our 8th year having Heart to Home in our Church. One thing we think women should know is that every woman can be involved in Heart to Home. Whether you're a college student or a grandmother, married or single. Whether you have children or not or if your children have grown up and your nest is empty,

there is a place for you in Heart to Home.



There will be 6 total meetings.

Kickoff Event will be Sunday, August 14th at 3:00pm in the East Venue.

  • Heart sister

    A Heart Sister is a single woman, a wife and/or mother with children still in her home, or a single mom with children in her home. A Heart Sister agrees to commit to a small group (Heart Group) for six months. She will be the guest of honor at a Host Heart Mom’s home along with other young women and enjoy Christian hospitality through a meal, friendship, fellowship, and Bible study.

  • heart mom

    A Heart Mom is a Christian woman who honors God and agrees to help guide and influence a younger Christian sister. She is a woman who passes on the legacy of faith and fellowship. She may serve as a Host Mom who shares the hospitality of her home, a Helper Mom who assists the Host Mom, assisting with the activities or food preparation and she may be the Bible teacher who delivers the lesson. A Heart Mom commits to a Heart Group for a six-month season.