Jesus told us to go and make disciples of all nations… Our hope is that everywhere we go, we bring the good news of Jesus Christ to every person in word and deed. At North Monroe, we have multiple opportunities throughout the year to be on mission whether in Monroe, Louisiana, other parts of the United States, or around the world. If you’ve ever had a desire to be a part of the greatest mission the world could ever know, we have opportunities for you to fulfill what Jesus has called you to do. 

2020 missions calendar

  • Myanmar

    Feb 5-14

    Leadership Training (Pioneer Evangelism)

  • Kolkata, India

    February 17-26

    Leadership Training (Pioneer Evangelism)

  • March 7

    Mission Fundraiser 10k-5k Race

    This event is the prime fundraiser for the entire year. All proceeds go to offset the cost of travel expenses and provides resources for ministry in each location. 


  • Uganda

    April 13-24

    Purchasing sewing machines to start a tailoring ministry while training leadership

  • Colorado


    Working alongside David Mac and his church plant

  • Rwanda

    July 13-22

    Community Impact

  • Tanzania

    July 23-30

    Leadership Training (Pioneer Evangelism) in the morning, showing Jesus Film in villages at night

  • Kenya

    July 31-August 8

    Leadership Training (Pioneer Evangelism)

  • Uganda


    Showing Jesus Film and passing out Bibles